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About Mexico Link Travel

MEXICO LINK TRAVEL (MLT) – We are a commercial association that works to create and fortify business relations between Mexican companies and Russian speaking markets.

What are the reasons for MLT’s creation?

  1. A spectacular growth in Russian-speaking tourism in Mexico.
  2. Limited and non-effective results from existing tourist events.
  3. No direct communication between tour operators and Mexican suppliers.
  4. Lack of knowledge within Mexican suppliers
  5. Inexistence of an organization capable to offer strategic plans, support and business events for the interaction of tour operators and Mexican companies.


The MLT ‘s goals are:

  1. Facilitate the creation of a direct link between the most important tour operators of countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Leetonia and Estonia.
  2. The organization of touristic events of Mexico in all the relevant countries.
  3. Extensive promotion and marketing of Mexican companies in the Russian-speaking market.
  4. Support in translation and printing of informative materials.
  5. Extensive consulting on emerging markets.
  6. The organization of press conferences about Mexico for Russian speakers.
  7. Publication and distribution of the magazine “MEXICO LINK TRAVEL” to be distributed in all tourist events, Mexican restaurants, theme parks and others.

Ways to participate:

  1. Annual Membership which include a large list of benefits.
  2. Participation in organized events (discounts for members)



It is aimed at:

  1. Hotels
  2. Theme Parks
  3. Board offices
  4. Airlines
  5. Suppliers

We invite you all to take part of this unique event that seeks to revolutionize the Russian-speaking market in Mexico. Welcome to MEXICO LINK TRAVEL!


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